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Competitive Space

Among the well-known groups oriented to the CBD

  • GW Pharmaceuticals recently obtained approval for its first CNS indication based on CBD and has a market capitalization of more than USD 3B.
  • There are other companies in the CBD space; Cannabis Science, Cara Therapeutics, Kalytera, Nemus, Zogenix to name a few. However, nothing less than GW Pharma has pointed to a similar CNS (s) indication (s) of DS / LGS.

Differential advantages

  • Based on our clinical data. We are the strongest contender in the space by providing significant clinical and scientific advance and opportunity.
  • We are providing the real and unique alternative along the indications of the "right to prosper".
  • We are unique and have proven to be successful in our claims.
  • We have proven that our scientific and clinical evidence is, in fact, a cutting-edge technology and a new clinical approach to medicine in the pharmaceutical field.
  • We are breaking the taboo and mystery of the drug administration known as the "silver bullet theory."

SCP has answered many prayers.

  • The unique products of SCP have been penetrating the central nervous system (CNS) at a rate of 98% with the smallest bioavailable particles in the biosciences of drug administration. That is, we produce the drug directly to the CNS without loss orally or intravenously.
  • SCP is tremendously economical from the point of view of the CMC, it is reliable in all aspects, it is highly capable, innovative, and incredibly attractive to the consumer and HCP friendly to apply and expand.
  • SCP is ready to be implemented in an expanded GMP manufacturing now. SCP NO ONE ELSE has something like this technology.