Differentiation Techonology

SCP Technology

An exclusive proprietary conjugated particle (SCP) technology, patented and exclusively licensed, along with its specific clinical indications. The technical genius of SCP is that it combines two different and independently acting and complementary residues in complete soluble water of a hybrid synergistic compound. The efficacy and safety of both excipients (load carrier and loaded debris) are tested independently. SCP; In a unique and successful 100%, it produces its products in the systemic circulation. This administration mechanism increases the solubility of the hydrophobic compounds sustained and stable up to 10-30 folds. In this way, the improved sustained solubility amplifies the safety and efficacy of the active charged moiety with the use of the loading product in its sum of the two SCP products up to 600 folds. The particles often have a size of 30-50 nm, perfect for traveling freely to diseased tissues without sequestration.

SCP-based cannabinoids (there are more than 80 different extracts under investigation) have been shown to improve efficacy while reducing the frequency and severity associated with the known adverse events associated with the predicates up to 300 times.

SCP guarantees the optimal and controlled performance of the pharmacodynamics and the pharmacokinetic profile of the active load that is based on its clinical performance. No other company or manufacturer has anything similar or close to this in cannabis extract or in the cannabis space. We are!