• GW Pharmaceuticals recently obtained approval for its first CNS indication based on CBD and has a market capitalization of more than USD almost $ 5.B.
  • Some notable companies in the CBD space; Cannabis Science, Cara Therapeutics, Kalytera, Nemus, Zogenix to name a few. However, nothing less than GW Pharma has pointed to a similar CNS (s) indication (s) of DS / LGS.
  • GW has ventured into brain cancer and other indications of unmet medical need. We believe that we can take them for a big surprise on those fronts and beyond. Please use this when necessary.

Beyond RX:

  • We are going after $ 3,500 million / year and the growing industry of medical marijuana.
  • We are going for $ 1,500 million / year and we are growing hemp supplements. Oil business at this time, we produce an oral dose of impacted CBD of 10-20X at a maximum dose.