About Us

Lior Biosciences, LLC is an advanced stage biopharmaceutical technology company focused on the supply of new cannabinoid pharmaceutical products. We have internally developed technology, an early stage development approach and an amalgamated industrial execution framework to proceed with multiple launching quickly and without hesitation. The immediate focus of Lior is to commercialize three main indications of rare orphan drugs from rare diseases and with the use of its patented drug delivery system technology. The technology of Specific Conjugate Particles (SCP) and directed cannabinoids are the core of this rapid undertaking at this time. A true clinical pharmacology conducive, a real maximum dose of active products; up to 10-20X, and an optimal clinical effect has been observed with minimal safety challenges using SCP. The SCP technology and its robust development platform have allowed the real delivery system of 100% bioavailable and water soluble cannabinoid extracts that use their critical mass and size in the systemic circulation of patients. This technology avoids sequestration currently challenged by adipose tissues, which leads to a decrease in the efficacy and exacerbation of the safety profile over the therapeutic doses of cannabinoids.

Our clinical data attest to the following: SCP has solved the old challenge of ophthalmic cannabinoids, the fantastic solvency and bioavailability of taxoid and platinum, as well as 14 additional compounds in the clinical setting and 122 at the benchmark. All these were active ingredients of delivery in low doses and non-bioavailable. We have made them completely bioavailable. Our technical platform demonstrated that neither liposomes nor other "technologies" similar to nano albumin binding structures similar to Abraxane are practical, productive or clinically beneficial. SCP is the actual answer to date.

Corporate highlights:

Offices and research laboratories in Princeton, NJ and Orlando FL and laboratories in Louisiana, Florida and New Jersey.

A collective experience of over 100 years by its leadership team of dedicated professionals in the field of active product innovation and small molecule research and development, marketing and large-scale manufacturing.

Our technical morphology used in the development of SCP + cannabis extracts has taken the best part of the last 4.5 years to its current stage. This technical achievement is based on 12 years of development of CPS for the development of a joint venture of Nexus Alliance Biopharmaceuticals.

The unique formulations, SCP Technology + the known products, were developed over the last ten years with proven success with Big Pharma customers in biopharmaceutical supply technology.

Current therapeutic target areas, including CNS, psychiatry and oncology, autoimmune / chronic inflammatory disease, our main indications are directed to rare diseases and designation of orphan drugs with unmet medical needs.